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Lock Laces

Posted by on January 12, 2017

Why would MI-TAC sell shoe laces?

Great question and we are so glad you asked. Now let us start by asking you a question: Can you think of any situation at all that would require you to get your shoots or boots on as quickly as humanly possible? Surely you can!

First, let me start by telling you about Lock Laces. The single best attribute of Lock Laces is SPEED. You will not need to waste time tying your shoes or boots. These laces are made from an extremely durable bungee-type cord. They are held in place by a secure spring-loaded cord lock and a snap-on cord tip clip keeps the laces from coming back through the cord lock.

This system allows you to always keep your footwear ready to go. These laces will always be loose enough to slip into, yet tight enough to stay on your feet should you be in a hurry. You also will not have to worry about tripping on an extra-long- lace flying around while you are on the move.

Another added benefit, many times overlooked with footwear, is how the Lock Laces deal with foot swelling. When you are on the move for a long period of time, most likely carrying extra gear and a pack, your feet will swell. A standard non-stretching lace system will cause your feet discomfort until you loosen and re-tie them. The Lock Laces will stretch as your feet swell and reduce the discomfort as needed. Your feet will also not suffer from over-tightened laces which can reduce circulation and cause your feet to “fall asleep” while on the move. One of major issues that can arrive with tight footwear is frostbite. During winter you need to have footwear that has enough extra room for your toes to wiggle and not be constricting in any way. If your feet have a little extra room, warm blood will be able to flow to your extremities much easier preventing frostbite.

Back to the question, “why would I need to get my shoes on as fast as possible?”


-House fire

-Tsunami Warning Siren

-Home intruder

-Base under attack (deployed military)

-Bear in camp site

-Active Shooter

I’m sure you can come up more reasons but those are a few extremes.

Pictured: my current cold weather boots (Wiggy’s US-Made Chukka Boots with 72” Camo Lock Laces).

The speed-lace hooks add an extra dynamic, but is easy to deal with. In a hurry, I can just pull them tight and tuck the tail and worry about the lace hooks later. 

I know many people in the “survival community” and many military members replace their boot laces with 550 Par Cord. I have done this in the past and probably still have at least one pair of boots around with 550 cord laces. I however, do not do this any longer. The main reason is that 550 cord is a horrible cordage for making knots. 550 cord laces must be double-knotted and after a short period of time, still come loose. If you need extra 550 cord, pack it with you or come up with a better way to integrate it with your kit. Using your shoe laces for anything other than laces should be an extreme last resort as your footwear will quickly be the best piece of gear you own or your biggest regret. 

Although not the scope of this post, it bares mentioning that you should have at least one pair of high-quality, broken-in, comfortable footwear that you can wear all day with no issues. Just like the tires on your vehicle, what you have on your feet can determine your fate in a hurry.

The Wiggy's Chukka Boots are highly recommended, I say this purely as a happy customer who will not profit from this: Call Jerry Wigutow, the Owner/Operator of Wiggy's at 1(866)411-6465 or email him at wiggys@wiggys.com and let him tell you, in person, why his boots should be on your feet! 

"Pray that your flight will not take place in winter or on the Sabbath" (Matthew 24:20)

God Bless,

The MI-TAC Team