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Forward Controls Design ABC/R (Augmented Bolt Catch/Release)


Product Description

ABC/R (Augmented Bolt Catch/Release) with its angled and larger top paddle and lower paddle with increased surface area, is purpose designed for use with AR15/M16 receivers equipped with ambidextrous magazine releases. Specifically, it is designed to address the difficulty with accessing the factory bolt catch's lower paddle with an ambidextrous magazine catch, such as Norgon's Ambi-Catch, on the receiver. Many of the ambidextrous mag release's lower paddle is on the same vertical plane as the factory bolt catch lower paddle, making identification difficult by feel, especially with a gloved hand. 

The ABC/R's chief effort is focused on that single issue. The lower paddle protrudes further, and is angled at 10 degree to give it even more surface area. These measures put the lower paddle and Ambi-Catch's paddle on different vertical planes. That done, we worked on the top paddle. While we don't use it ourselves, preferring to pull back on the charging handle instead to load and reload, we do recognize far more users use it, so the ABC/R's top paddle is made larger, and given a 5 degree angle at the lower 50%, and 10 degree angle at the upper 50% cant. The angled paddle makes it easier for the palm or thumb to access. 

The notch immediately above the ABC/R’s lower paddle isn’t there by accident. As you run your finger down the bolt catch towards the lower paddle, the notch is meant to provide tactile feedback to indicate the beginning of the lower paddle. It is important be able to differentiate one control surface from another, all without diverting one's gaze to it. The 

ABC/R's weight (0.445 oz) has been kept close to that of the factory bolt catch (0.401 oz) to avoid over tasking the spring. 

Machined from billet 8620 alloy steel, or 17-7 stainless steel, available in black oxide coated finish or raw, bead blasted stainless steel, the ABC/R is proudly designed and made in the US.

Please note the ABC/R and ABC/R-F are not designed for use on 9mm receivers that use Colt 9mm magazines which require a Colt 9mm bolt catch, or 7.62mm receivers.


ABC/R-AA (Dimpled)

What started out as an exercise in aesthetics that had its origin in user feedback and suggestion has become a wonderful ABC/R variant.  We don't do things for looks, we're actually moving away from what might be considered blings with shiny finishes (never had too many of these to begin with), and concentrating strictly on defense/duty oriented products.

While the original horizontal serrations on the ABC/R paddles are very effective (they're optimized to mitigate 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock movements), when the the finger's approach angle changes closer to 45 degrees and more, the horizontal serrations effectiveness is diminished. 

ABC/R-AA has three different dimple sizes and depths, 30 dimples total.  Symmetry is nice but in this case, doesn't serve us well.  In order to maximize the large surface area of the original ABC/R design, we tastefully packed in as many dimples as possible, but not too many.  Sometimes more isn't better, and bigger isn't better either.  Placement and the shape of the object matter a great deal.
What the dimpled pattern offers is all around traction, regardless of the finger's position on the paddle, it is simply indifferent to the angles and directions of the finger's movement.

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